How Chelsea & I met

It was the day after Christmas in 2018 in the DFAC next to the dorms.  I was in line ordering food when a random girl behind me complimented me on my Adidas shoes. I thanked her, paid for my food, and went on to look for a seat afterwards. By luck, I saw her sitting by herself watching her iPad. I mustered up the courage to ask if she would mind me joining her. I was shy at first, but figured I’d at least try to make a friend since I didn’t know anyone here yet. We ended up meshing so well with each other that the faculty had to kick us out for being there after hours.

How Neil & I Met

I walked into the dining facility and stood in line to order my food. This cute guy happened to be standing in front of me when I noticed his shoes. He was wearing some Adidas shoes that I had not seen before so I complimented them by telling him I liked them – he thanked me. A couple of minutes later, the same guy walks up to my table, introduced himself as Neil, and asks if he can sit to eat with me. I said yes and we sat and talked about where we were from, what we liked to do, and our favorite foods trying to get to know each other. Turns out we had a lot in common.

If Your Mom Were Here Today,
I Know She'd Say...

Chelsea, I’ll always Love you every day,
As you walk along life’s way
Be it morn, noon, night, or day,

You will never loose direction with God leading the way.

Give Him Thanks for Everything,
Ask Him to Lead, Guide and Hold your hand.
I’m so proud of the Woman you’ve become,
Strive on; the race is hard to run.
Always be sincere and true,
Let God be the center of all you do.
Trials will come and they will go,
keep your head held high, you’ll make I know.
There are times when you must cry,
Cry if you must, don’t be ashamed
Release the stress in Jesus’ name.
The road trip we took was out of sight,
We laughed and had fun both day and night.
Everywhere that we stopped,
I sent mom a photo of us in the sand and rocks.
Mom said, “It seemed fun, you taking a break”,
Don’t you be on the road too late.
Here is something you need to know,
In Life, trials will come and go.
Solve them before you sleep,
Don’t give old Satan a chance to creep.
Your smile can pierce the darkest night,

and make the shadow disappear with the light.
I thank you and love you for the time we had
Although sometimes you made me angry and sad.
But you were my wind when I was feeling low,
you were my hourglass at each door.
You made me laugh when I wanted to cry,
You are so intriguing, and I know why.
You were beside me in times of need.
But the look in your eyes said, Mom please.
You calmed my storms and my waves stood still,
Chelsea, I Love you then and I always will.

With love, Grandma Margie

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